With blue LED strip lights aside the outline of the lampbody, this model is both practical & ornamental

About Us

Dedicated in Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

Founded in 2007, it is considered as one of the leading supplier of solar outdoor lights products in South of China. Every year Sparkle will come up with new models of trendy and practical solar outdoor lights.

Professional Sales Team 24-7 At Your Service

We welcome you to contact us if you are looking for a reliable supplier of solar outdoor lights products, our sales team is standing by for your 24-7, we sincerely wish to creat maximal value for you!

Guaranteed Products & Competitive Power

Our company always pursue principles of customer first, we offer all of our customers the quality guaranteed products, considerate customer service and fast shipping commitment.

2019 New Arrival

Hot-sale Solar Outdoor Products

Integrated Solar Street Light

The electricity is generated by solar panel, stored in the li-ion battery pack, output to LED street light via intelligent controller, all parts integrate-designed into one aluminum lampbody.

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Solar Underground Lights

Purely powered by solar energy, with its striking lights the drivers can see the roads more clearly, especially helpful to people who drive in mist day, rainy day and evening. 

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Latest News & Projects

Since 2015 Sparkle had participated in Canton fair and overseas solar lighting exhibitions as a professional green energy outdoor lighting solution provider and manufactuer, closed bonding with local project companies, and built solid business relations. 

High technology fabrication facilities of solar outdoor lighting products is the guarantee of effient productivity and outstanding quality, Sparkle owns automatic solar cell series welding machine, lithium battery assembly line, LED lights assembly line, lighting accessories hardware workshop.

Sparkle has a wide range of solar outdoor lighting & application products to offer worldwidely, not only for the remote and off-grid power areas, such as country side, village, island, woods, factory, shool, etc, but for urban areas such as parking lot, garden, villa, club, etc, this is because solar energy is clean, affordable.

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Address: No.13th Building, Tongyi Industrial Park, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan528421, Guangdong, China