Smart Solar Street Lights

The solar panel is innovatively designed put on the lamp post, not only make the lights more trendy looking but reduce dust covers on the solar panel, highly improves generating efficiency; With smart RTU&DTU&GPRS operation system, all lights can be easily controlled at PC ends or mobile devices.

Integrated Solar Street Lights

The electricity is generated by solar panel, stored in the li-ion battery pack, output to LED street light via intelligent controller, all parts integrate-designed into one aluminum lampbody. Easy to install, up to 140 lumens per watt. Power available: 20W/ 30W/ 40W/ 50W/ 60W/ 80W/ 90W/ 120W.

All In One Solar Street Lights

YLB series integrated solar street lights is a high performance outdoor lights, the latest convex optical lens light source is more brighter and more applicable beam angle for different lighting requirements.

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